The (Almost) Last Hurrah

The bright stage lights, the familiar feeling of fifty-odd musicians silent in anticipation of a downbeat, the applause of an audience: this never gets old. The final formal concert of tour made concrete how much closer we’ve grown as a band, through the rewards and stresses of traveling, the discussions of our ideas and reflections on our experience, and simply the strength of spending 24 hours a day in each others’ company. Sitting down to play music together is natural. I am incredibly grateful for the company of my fellow band members, and the opportunity I have to perform in a group like this one. I hope that our day spent with the various musical ensembles of the Carol Morgan school- in small sectionals during the school day, as peers and mentors, and finally as fellow performers- we have inspired that same passion in the students we worked with, and renewed it in ourselves.

–Carina Gwennap, oboe