Teaching the Smol Flute

We spent today at the Carol Morgan school in Santo Domingo, rehearsing onstage with three of the school’s concert bands. We held sectionals and individual sessions by instrument for the beginning and the middle school bands as well. My favorite part of this morning’s activities was working individually with Paulina, a middle school flute player. She was very eager to improve on the music and paid close attention to my demonstrations and comments. By the end of our time working on the band piece, she could play convincing accents, reach a louder max volume, and decrescendo without going flat. After that, we worked on strengthening the low register, and I showed her fingerings for high register notes – and she was able to play them! I always feel fulfilled when I am able to help another musician improve their playing, and I could tell Paulina was happy that she could play the band piece better.

–Vineeta Muthuraj, flute