“L’union fait la force”. It’s a beautiful phrase. It essentially means “unity creates strength”. I can see that as we drive through the familiar streets of Port-Au-Prince. I see it in the way all people try to carry on with their lives happily, whether in squalor or in wealth. My mother lived here a long time ago. To me, Haiti is the motherland, the place of my earliest memories, memories of her and my family, walking these same streets. It’s certainly different now, yet it all has come back to me, the sights, sounds, and smells. It’s good to be back; it’s been nearly thirteen years since I’ve been, yet it seems like yesterday. And now that I’m here, sharing my love for music in my mother’s tongue, I feel as though I belong; I know one day I’ll be back for sure, hopefully soon.

-Hendryck, Bass Trombone