Midday on the Mountain

Most of the ensemble today headed out for a trip to the Citadelle before our afternoon rehearsal and performance at the Palais Sans-Souci. On the way, they ended up meeting the U.S. ambassador, who will also be at the concert later. Who would have thought! I hope to have one of them tell us more about it later, as I spent my morning relaxing at the hotel, ensuring I was fully recharged for the afternoon. I stayed behind with a few other folk, and eventually–getting a bit antsy–we ventured up the trails behind our hotel. The hotel is built into the side of a mountain, as many structures here are, and affords beautiful views of the city below. From what we could see, the city is bustling with people in markets and on the streets, and looks to be less congested that Port-au-Prince. I hope to see more of it when we head to the palace (not much was going on last night in the rain when we first arrived).

As for the afternoon, from the pictures I’ve seen of the palace and the stage that’s been built, I can only assume it will be amazing. I’m looking forward to both performing again with our Haitian friends and seeing the castle grounds. Very grateful to those who set up the concert and who physically built the stage, right at the base of the main palace steps.  I was also hoping to have time to sing with the Haitian choir, as some other ensemble members and I are also in choirs back at Cornell, and the Haitian choir sounds beautiful. If we get the chance, I’ll be sure to update, but if not I am content just being able to listen to them.

–Jonathan Karsch, saxophone, president, healthy ensemble member