Little moments

“…standing together in solidarity to show the world the power of music.” 

These were the words of Father David Cesar earlier this evening- and my goodness the weight they held. As we the ensemble (Cornell, Yale and Haitian students) prepared to share a meal, Father Cesar so eloquently reflected upon the day. Seven years ago today the infamous 2010 earthquake shook Haiti to it’s core, and we as musicians were allowed to perform at the Commemoration Ceremony- to share with the country in honor and remembrance. The magnitude of the day and it’s events span far beyond my understanding, and I won’t attempt to pen a summary. However, I do want to take some time to reflect on the details of today, the “little moments” that leave lasting impacts- the moments I hold most dear. 

Take for example Hendryk (one of our fabulous Cornell trombonists) running to embrace his Godfather after 13 years apart. Musicians crossing a language barrier to laugh and dance together through dinner. A little Haitian boy tugging on my skirt wanting to say hello. It’s in these moments I see joy, hope, and the deeper connection for which we seek. 

–Lily McGovern, alto saxophone