So far, no one seems to suspect a thing.  The Cornell Wind Ensemble, such a naive group of fools, have unknowingly let three Yalies encroach upon their territory.

Well, Haitian territory, but you get the idea.

For three days, we hid within the shadows, obediently playing our instruments, teaching them new card games, stealing their food–generally freeloading–all the while preparing for our moment to strike.

We have been the perfect wallflowers. 

But we only serve as wallflowers to complement the wonderful garden that is composed of everyone involved in this tour.

For three days, we have gotten to perform with the talented musicians of the Holy Trinity Music School and Cornell, which today, culminated into a concert that commemorated the 7th anniversary of a devastating earthquake. We’ve been fortunate to witness speeches by some of the most important dignitaries of Haiti, as well as the coming together of the Haitian people.

As we are only joining Cornell for a few days on this tour, and we’ll soon settle back into our old Ivy League rivalries, we’ve realized that our time in Haiti is brief. However, this trip isn’t about us–it’s about our audience. Today, we paid homage to the lives lost in this terrible disaster. Through this, we’ve seen firsthand how music can be a force for good, a force for healing, and a force for hope. 

We’re truly honored to be a part of this experience, even if it means that we had to sneak our way in.

–John (French Horn) and Melina (Percussion)