Earthquake Commemoration Press Conference

So, I volunteered to represent Cornell at a press conference with the Minister of Culture.  I don’t know why I thought I was a good choice, I didn’t fix my hair and I have terrible posture while sitting down, but whatever.  The band directors, five other musicians, and I climbed aboard the armored SUV that was a gift from the president and drove to the press conference.  The actual discussion was uneventful as I didn’t understand what they were saying, but I eventually learned that they were talking about our performance and saying how building awareness for Haiti will be important in helping them rebuild.  Our performance will be in commemoration of the earthquake and is a combination of our ensemble and the Haitian musicians.  At the press conference, we simply sat in the audience and smiled when the cameras turned towards us.  Despite not knowing the language, the whole experience was very interesting and I’m glad I was able to represent the ensemble here.  We also got to take pictures with several officials that were there, but I unfortunately do not know their names or their titles.  

–David Landy, clarinet