The student organization CU Winds supports the Cornell University Wind Symphony, and Cornell’s long tradition of excellence in wind band performance.

CU Winds Charter

2020-2021 CU Winds Executive Board

  • James Parker, President
  • Julie Christopoulos, Vice President
  • Yicong Wu, Treasurer
  • Ethan Katcher, Outreach Chair
  • David Chang, Social Chair
  • Adam Ziccardi, Public Relations
  • Wynne Chen, Design Chair
  • Kevin Cook & Amit Rajesh, Webmasters

Welcome! I’m James. I tell people I’m a local, but I’m actually from a town about 45 minutes from Cornell (Horseheads, NY). I’m a senior bassoonist studying computer science with minors in biological science and music. Outside Wind Symphony I’m a member of the Cornell Hyperloop project team, and in my free time I enjoy mountain biking, solving various Rubik’s cubes, skiing, and playing video games.

Favorite movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Favorite video game: Titanfall 2
Favorite manga: Death Note
Favorite song: The Recency Effect by Mr. Bill

Please please please reach out if you have questions about the Wind Symphony. I love this group with my whole heart and hope you get to see why.

Hi everyone! My name is Julie and I am so excited to serve as your Vice President this year. I am currently a junior majoring in Atmospheric Science and I am from Westchester, New York. This will be my third year in CU Winds, and I have to say some of my most memorable moments at Cornell have been with this ensemble. From navigating the island of Hispaniola during our service-learning tour, to belting out Disney songs after our concerts, CU Winds has been there for it all. Being a part of such a welcoming and fun group has been such a rewarding experience. Outside of the wind symphony, I am a member of the Cornell Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, and Epsilon Eta. I am also involved with an EAS project team and undergraduate research. Don’t hesitate at all to reach out to me or other members if you have any questions. I am looking forward to making music with you all!

Howdy, I’m Yicong and I’m excited to be serving as treasurer this semester. I’m a junior (wow I’m getting old) in the ILR school from Northern New Jersey, and I play the saxophone. The Wind Symphony played a big part in helping me adjust to Cornell as a freshman, and the fun and friendly environment has definitely made the large university feel more at home. Our service learning tour to Haiti and the DR still tops the list of my favorite college experiences. Outside of Winds, I’m involved with several organizations on campus, including an a capella group, a business club, and a frat. I love sports (ride or die with the Pittsburgh Steelers), spontaneous adventures, and country music.

Hello! My name is Ethan Katcher, and I am this year’s outreach chair for CU Winds. I am a Junior from the small town of Altoona, Pennsylvania and a flute player in the ensemble. I study biological science with a microbiology concentration, German, and outside of class, I involve myself with lab research. In addition to the flute, I also love playing piano, singing, and just about anything else having to do with music. I am unbelievably excited to help out with such an incredible group of musicians and create many more unforgettable experiences. Though the past year held so many wonderful things—new friends, musical memories, and unprecedented online experiences—I am certain it will only get better from here. I’m always excited for what comes next, so I can’t wait for the year to come!

Hi! My name is David Chang and I’m a senior majoring in Biology and Music in CAS. I hail from the rolling fields of America’s armpit (Princeton, New Jersey) although I currently reside right outside of Washington D.C., in Potomac, MD. I primarily play tenor saxophone, although I’ve been playing piano since I was six years old. CU Winds has been a sanctuary for me since I joined sophomore year, and my many friends within the ensemble, a home away from home. In fact, it was my participation in the group that inspired me to pursue music not just as a hobby, but professionally as well. Outside of CU Winds, I do research and data analysis on organic acidemias in NHGRI and tutor in Computer Science, Biology and Music Theory. Even as we head into uncharted waters with this upcoming semester, I’m looking forward to hosting and coming up with fun activities to help us band together and socialize (while distancing) safely!

Hey everyone, my name is Adam and I’m the Publicity Chair for this year!
I am from Buffalo, NY a.k.a. the greatest city in existence, so if anyone ever mentions the word “Buffalo” when I’m within earshot, prepare to hear all about it! First I was an environmental engineer, but then I switched to being a MechE, but now I’m a senior majoring in Religious Studies, with minors in MechE and East Asian Studies, which is super cool. I main the horn, but also play accordion, piano, and Luigi. Feel free to ask me about religion, psychology, philosophy, architecture, movies/anime, samurai, and my journeys abroad. I’ve also been in CUSD and APO (both great) and lived in JAM for two years, and now I live in Chesterton House on North, from which I give free rides to and from Marching Band Practice. This is my fourth year in Winds, after not doing it my freshman fall (big mistake) and I’ve made some of my best friends for life in Winds. Looking forward to a great, though different, year ahead!

Hey everyone! I am Wynne, yes pronounced like “Winnie” the Pooh who is like my spirit animal. I am a junior from Portland, Oregon and I’m studying food science in CALS. As you might have guessed from my major, I love food and although I am all for healthy eating, I am only human and also have cravings for milkshakes and chicken nuggets. So, if you want to go on a late night pizza run or need a friend to eat with at the dining halls, I will be more than willing to accompany you on a food journey or any type of journey for that matter. I love being outdoors, watching the sunset on the Slope, watching movies, cooking, and playing sports. Playing the trombone in the Wind Symphony has been one of my favorite memories of Cornell so far because the ensemble becomes like a little family and a source of comfort at this big, big school. I’m looking forward to another great year with all of you!

Hello there! My name’s Kevin and I am one of the webmasters for this fine ensemble. I’m a senior in the College of Engineering studying computer science with a minor in music, and this is my third year in the ensemble, after not joining freshman year (I highly regret it!). The wind symphony’s tour in Haiti and the Dominican Republic has been the most memorable experience of my college career, hands down, and the people are some of the nicest and most welcoming you’ll meet on campus. I play one of those loud trumpety thingies that blare at you from the back of the room, but you may also hear me hammering away on the piano in one of Lincoln’s practice rooms from time to time. Fun fact: I am also a proud Cornell Chimesmaster, so if you’re one of those people who hates the chimes for waking you up on West Campus every morning, you’re welcome. Looking forward to what is sure to be a crazy and memorable semester!

My name is Amit, and I am also a webmaster for CUWinds. I am a junior from Madison, Wisconsin and I currently pursuing a computer science and chemistry double major. This will be my third year in the ensemble playing clarinet, and it has been a terrific experience so far!

Outside of music, I primarily do research on campus with robots and their interactions with humans. I also love reading about practically anything, watching sports (avid Packers fan), and eating any food that involves fried potatoes. I’m looking forward to a terrific year! We’re going to be facing some very unique challenges, but I’m confident this ensemble will find a way to make this year a great experience.