On a warm spring day after two hours of rehearsal during Senior Week, members of the Cornell Wind Ensemble traded music and instruments for overalls and work gloves.

Photo of CU Winds clean up

An anonymous donor, who regularly commuted past a sloped wooded area behind several fraternities near Cornell, had been troubled by the trash build-up over the years. She approached a CU Winds member and suggested that she would donate money for the Costa Rica project if CU Winds would do something about the trash.

It was a perfect service opportunity for CU Winds; contribution to our community while raising funds for our new friends in Costa Rica. We collected eight truck loads of garbage and proudly delivered our collection to the fraternity dumpsters where they were disposed of the next day. Everyone felt good. The woods were pristine. The donor was delighted. And CU Winds felt a strong sense of community involvement, accomplishment, and connection.

Thank you to our anonymous donor!