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Welcome to the CU Winds blog, and thanks in advance for your thoughtful participation.  By discussing various topics associated with our “flipped classroom” module, we hope to enhance the connection between individual practice and ensemble rehearsal, as well as the collaborative spirit that must guide the rehearsal process.  We assume you will post content that is in keeping with this philosophy, and that is not obscene, defamatory, threatening, or otherwise objectionable.  The blog will be curated by the teaching staff, and new questions and/or comments will be posted weekly.

April 21 Rehearsal Blog

April 14 Rehearsal Blog

April 7 two-credit meeting notes

The following comments are from students registered for two credits:
Awayday: We’re spending too much time on this, working on things we shouldn’t have to in rehearsal.
Firefly: We’re doing well on this and it sounded good today. It’s a fairly easy piece and a good addition to the program.
Ticheli: This is going well. It can be frustrating because we’re working on hard spots now, but there’s much that we can already play.
Affirmation: Sounding good!

Wilson: Rehearsing with the soloist clarifies what’s going on in the piece and also forces us to adjust the balance of the ensemble. Precision is important in this piece; as James says, playing with confidence or “integrity.” (Confidence is intertwined with knowing your part.)

Moving forward:
– Keep in mind that we’ll have a guest conductor, so we need to be solid.
– It’s a busy time in the semester for everyone, but it’s also a key time to have your own part down, so that we can nail down trouble sections in sectionals and rehearsals.
– We need to concentrate during rehearsal, get out of our stands, listen across the ensemble, work on being adaptable, and listen and watch for tempo.
– Efficient practicing is key – focus on stuff you don’t know!
– We need to actually work on the trouble areas that James highlights during sectionals. It’s not only a section leader’s responsibility, but that of each individual.

March 17 Rehearsal Blog

2/11/16 Meeting Notes

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CU Winds unites student musicians in an ensemble dedicated to the study and performance of emerging and traditional wind repertoire. We explore music making as a vehicle for cross-cultural exchange and collaboration, and in doing so support Cornell's core values of public engagement and global awareness.