Your E-Board

CU Winds Student Executives for 2018-2019

  • Lily McGovern, President
  • Grace Burgin, Vice President
  • Austin Li, Treasurer
  • Rachel Diao, Outreach Chair
  • Diana Herrera, Social Chair
  • Yoorie Chang, Public Relations
  • Vineeta Muthuraj, Design Chair
  • Sarah Cohn-Manik and Mike Yee, Librarians
  • Dan Buscaglia and Will Xiao, Webmasters


President: Lily McGovern

Hi everyone! My name is Lily, and I’m the current president of the Cornell University Wind Symphony. I hail from a tiny town called Belmont (very middle of nowhere – south of Buffalo) and have been in the Wind Symphony as a saxophone player since my freshman fall. I’m now a senior Human Biology, Health & Society major (…goodness…that makes me feel old…) and intend to pursue medical school after graduation. In addition to playing in and serving on the E-board of our ensemble, I spend my time conducting translational research on adolescent health, volunteering at the free health clinic in downtown Ithaca and acting as a student ambassador for the College of Human Ecology. I’m so excited to help lead the Wind Symphony through the 2018/2019 year, and appreciate you checking out our website! Whether you’re in the ensemble at present, hope to be in the future or are a supporter of our group – please know that I’m always available and happy to chat! My email is: president {at} cuwinds(.)com


Vice President: Grace Burgin

Hello! My name is Grace and I am currently serving as Vice President of our fine ensemble. I joined CU Winds as a sophomore and it was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made at Cornell. I play percussion despite the confusion people have when they hear that. (Yes, a wind ensemble has percussion too.) I’m a senior studying Neurobiology and Behavior while also finding time to learn about health policy and business which are a bit more fun to me. Outside of classes and band I’m on a couple eboards in the Panhellenic community and I have some on campus jobs. My extracurriculars center around service and community engagement which is particularly important to me. I’m definitely a washed-up senior and after graduation I hope to move on to graduate school. Looking forward to another great year with my band family! 



Treasurer: Austin Li

Disclaimer: photo not actually of Austin Li.

Hey, everyone! I’m Austin Li, your treasurer. I’m from Westchester, New York (shocking). I’ve been playing the flute for CU Winds ever since I stepped foot onto this frozen hellscape, and it has definitely been one of the most fun and rewarding extracurricular activities that I do on campus. My favorite memory of being in CU Winds is going to Haiti, where everyone in the group got to meet each other and come together to make music (and messes), and I really look forward to going again this coming winter. In academics, I study physics in the College of Arts and Sciences and am a total geek for all things physics. I was a physics undergraduate TA for two years before moving on to becoming a physics peer advisor this year. Outside of class, I write the astronomy exam for Cornell Science Olympiad, and I also like to rock climb at Lindseth Climbing Center. In addition, I like eat obscene amounts of food and take naps so long that they destroy my circadian rhythm.

I look forward to an awesome year!


Outreach Chair: Rachel Diao

My name is Rachel and I’m a senior Biological Sciences major. I’m from Edison, NJ and fun fact, it’s in Central Jersey, which definitely exists. I’ve been in the CU Winds clarinet section for all 3 years that I’ve been at Cornell and it has been one of the highlights of my college experience. I’m especially excited for our tour to Haiti and the DR this year; I will never forget that crazy day on the 2017 trip when the whole ensemble bonded over hiking up a mountain in the pouring rain and ending up three hours late to our own concert because of a downed power line. CU Winds has provided me with some of my best friends and favorite memories (and many of my hobbies; thanks to other members, I’ve taken up video games, knitting, and rock climbing!), and I’m really looking forward to a great final year in the ensemble!


Social Chair: Diana Herrera

Coming soon!


Public Relations: Yoorie Chang

Hello, my name is Yoorie and I am a junior studying Industrial and Labor Relations. I am originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and I will never stop talking about how much I love the mountains. I have been a member of the CU Winds oboe section since my freshman year and am thrilled to be a part of eboard this year working public relations. Thanks to Winds, my first two years at Cornell have been filled with so many amazing, unforgettable memories, from motorcycling up a mountain in Haiti on our service learning tour in January 2017, to sharing a stage with the Wynton Marsalis in front of our biggest crowd ever in Bailey Hall. I am mildly lactose intolerant, but that will not stop me from consuming copious amounts of Cornell Dairy ice cream every week.



Design Chair: Vineeta Muthuraj

Hey everyone, I’m Vineeta! I’m a senior majoring in Materials Science & Engineering, and I’m from West Windsor, NJ. I’ve been in CUWinds since my freshman year – I started in the flute section but now I’m a percussionist! My favorite band memories are from the 2017 trip to Haiti, where I got to know band members outside of my section. If I’m not in Lincoln, I’m probably in Bard Hall (the MSE building), or the 3rd floor of Duffield Hall (where my research labs are). I also have two pet rabbits. 





Librarians: Sarah Cohn-Manik and Mike Yee

Sarah Cohn-Manik is an English major from Ithaca, NY and she’ll be a senior this year! She has played tuba in CU Winds since her freshman year. Fun fact: she has a twin sister. 









I’m an electrical and computer engineering major and computer science minor from the Philadelphia area, and I’m going into my senior year at Cornell.  I have two triplet brothers who go to the University of Pittsburgh and Rutgers University, New Brunswick, and we all have a passion for music.
I joined the CU Winds in my sophomore year, and that year we had an unforgettable service learning trip to Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  One memory that stands out to me was when we were having dinner with some Haitian students, and I was trying to explain to a girl, in French, why we found it funny she was wearing a hat with the Confederate flag on it.  (Haitians are predominantly of African descent and find American clothing trendy).
I look forward to serving the ensemble as one of the librarians, and I’m really excited that we’re going back to Hispaniola for another service learning trip!


Webmasters: Dan Buscaglia and Will Xiao

I’m Dan and I serve as one of the webgods…er, webmasters along with Will. I am from Buffalo, NY a.k.a. the greatest city in existence, so if anyone ever mentions the word “Buffalo” when I’m within earshot, prepare to hear all about it! Anyway, I’m a sophomore here at Cornell where I’m studying Electrical and Computer Engineering with a little Computer Science somewhere underneath. This will be my second year in CUWinds and I’m very excited for the service trip and all this year will bring. Finally, I am a firm believer that horseradish is the best condiment.



Hi, I’m Will! I’m from Montgomery, New Jersey (15 minutes outside of Princeton) and I’m a sophomore majoring in Operations Research and Computer Science. This is my second year as a saxophonist in CU Winds, and I’m happy to be one of the webmasters this year, along with Dan (the man). Everyone is super welcoming and friendly, and I’m sure you’ll feel right at home here with us, especially with our upcoming service trip!
(Don’t worry, we don’t bite.)
Outside of rehearsal, you’ll find me rock climbing, fueling my boba addiction, and listening to even more music. And yes, concert band literature is included.    



Our Mission

CU Winds unites student musicians in an ensemble dedicated to the study and performance of emerging and traditional wind repertoire. We explore music making as a vehicle for cross-cultural exchange and collaboration, and in doing so support Cornell's core values of public engagement and global awareness.