CU Winds is open to all Cornell University’s students, and most of our ensemble members have majors other than music.

CU Winds Syllabus

Following is a statement by the Director of Wind Ensembles on what is expected of participants in CU Winds.


”This is as much attitude as action. Regular and faithful attendance to all rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and concerts is understood. During rehearsal your commitment is to personal and ensemble excellence. Bring a pencil to every rehearsal and use it regularly to mark your music with the ideas we have expressed. Be early for rehearsal. Warm up and be mentally prepared before we begin. Commit to being an integral part of the ensemble. That means being supportive of others, patient, helpful. An ensemble has little room for ego. Expect that the conductor will be equally committed to this group.”


”You are expected to know notes and rhythms before attending the next rehearsal. Expect that the conductor will know the score before rehearsal. Let’s not waste each other’s time with the basics at rehearsal. Our time together as an ensemble is about transforming the music to another level. That’s precious.”

“If you miss two rehearsals without an explanation, you will be deemed to have quit the ensemble, and asked to leave. Unexpected and unexplained absences are unfair to the group. Students taking this course for credit will lose the credit.”


”You will receive a folder and music. Our librarian monitors this but it is also your responsibility. You must take care of your music. If it is lost or damaged, you will be billed for the replacement cost ($3.00 for originals; $1.50 for photocopies). Leave your music and folders on the stand after each concert. Conductors will post a rehearsal order of music each week on the website. Please know the order before rehearsal.”


The Wind Ensemble aspires to ‘tour’ each year. In February 2005, for example, there was a tour (Friday-Sunday) to Toronto, Canada stopping and playing also at Hamilton, ON and Rochester, NY en route home. The Wind Ensemble toured Costa Rica in January 2006 and 2008.

Concert Attire:

Women: Black blouse with sleeves. Black pants or full-length skirt. Black hose or socks; black dress shoes.

Men: Black suit or tuxedo, white shirt, black bow tie, black socks, black dress shoes (no sneakers!)