Wind Symphony Syllabus

The Cornell University Wind Symphony unites a diverse group of individuals who share a commitment to collaboration and excellent music making. The ensemble is open to all members of the Cornell University campus community, and most of our members have majors other than music. The 2019-20 Wind Symphony includes 64 members, from freshmen to doctoral candidates to staff members, from eight departments and colleges on campus. 

The Wind Symphony is committed to creating a musically and intellectually stimulating experience for our members and audience, and ensuring the ensemble’s continued relevance in the campus culture. We also tour whenever possible, and believe that a well constructed off-campus experience can be transformative for individual growth and ensemble synergy. We set the bar high, and have fun reaching it.

We hope you enjoy learning about the CU Wind Symphony!

James Spinazzola, conductor

2019-2020 CU Wind Symphony

Sarah Gutman, Human Development, ‘20 **

1   Amy Wang, Computer Science, ‘22 **
     Jennifer Lee, Engineering, ‘21
     Ishika Agrawal, Information Science, ‘23
     Erika Katsumoto, Music, ‘23
2   Jolie Wasserman, Environment & Sustainability, ‘23
     Johanna Bergstrom, Arts & Sciences, ‘22
     Sarah Zhang, Chemistry, ‘23
     Micah Chen, Engineering, ‘23
     Ethan Katcher, Biology, ‘22

Yoorie Chang, Industrial & Labor Relations, ‘20 *
Michael Zhou, Electrical & Computer Engineering, ‘22 (English horn)
Shan Parikh, Computer Science, ‘21

James Parker, Computer Science, ‘21 *
Dean Kim, Chemistry, ‘20

E-flat/Auxiliary Clarinet
Maggie Burke, staff

1   Katie Sadoff, Music & Computer Science, ‘20 *
     Amit Rajesh, Computer Science & Chemistry, ‘22
     Justin Tan, Engineering/Undecided, ‘23
2   Emily Yi, Biology & Society, ‘23
     Christopher O’Connor, Astronomy, Grad
3   Cassidy McKee, Government, ‘23
     Elisha Chen, Computer Science, ‘21
     Janna Zilkha, Environment & Sustainability, ‘23
     Julianna Christopoulos, Atmospheric Science, ‘22
     Amy Chen, Mathematics, ‘23

Bass Clarinet
Garrison Eatmon, Civil Engineering, ‘22

Contrabass Clarinet
Daniel Sanky, Information Science, ‘20

Alto Saxophone
1   Yicong Wu, Industrial & Labor Relations, ‘22 *
     Daniel Buscaglia, Electrical & Computer Engineering, ‘21
2   William Xiao, Operations Research & Engineering, ‘21
     Lindell Williams, Physics, ‘22

Tenor Saxophone
David Chang, Biology, ‘21
Ben Haefner, Plant Science, ‘23

Baritone Saxophone
Albert Shabaev, Applied Economics, Management & Business, ‘23

Adam Ziccardi, Mechanical Engineering, ‘21 *
Nicole Bradbury, Linguistics & French, ‘20
Nellie Butler, Linguistics, ‘20
Keelin Kelly, Environmental & Sustainability Sciences, ‘20
Elizabeth Zhu, Biology, ‘23
Scott Hurwitz, Physics, ‘20

David Specht, Applied Physics, Grad *
Kevin Cook, Computer Science, ‘21
Ryan McMahon, Electrical & Computer Engineering, ‘21
Will Buchanan, Engineering ‘23
Ben Santana, Biology, ‘20

1   Wynne Chen, Nutritional Sciences, ‘22 *
     Mathew Pareles, Computer Science & Physics, ‘21
2   David Marantes, Government & History, ‘22
     John Nation, Physics, ‘23
3   Alex Coy, Electrical & Computer Engineering, ‘21
     Max Mu, Computer Science, ‘23

Joshua Richman, Mechanical Engineering, ‘20 *
Andrew Pareles, Physics & Computer Science, ‘21
Laura Schroeder, Linguistics, ‘23

Keshav Ram, Information Science, ‘22
Bowen Jiang, Undecided, ‘22

Double Bass
Matthew Kaplan, Environment & Sustainability, ‘23

Jessica Sakamoto, Engineering, ‘22 *
William Tait, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Grad
Nick Vanden Berk, Chemistry, ‘23
Nick Xu, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences. ‘22
Evelyn Huang, Applied Economics and Management, ‘22

Liz Mahood +

** Co-principal
+ Guest musician