Goals and Values

Our Mission Statement has some key words within it. “Unites” for example… CU Winds is open to all Cornell University’s students, and most of our ensemble members have majors other than music. The ensembles offer wonderful new friendships among individuals with very diverse interests, but a commitment to making excellent music in common. And “remarkable”… We seek to be outstanding in the quality of our music performances together. We set the bar high and we recognize the personal growth that results from the process of working for and reaching new heights. There are several other values which are core to CU Winds. We value touring whenever possible, and believe that a well constructed tour can be transformative for individual growth and ensemble synergy. We also value service to community and each year CU Winds seeks projects and partners to help us realize service to others. 

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Our Mission

CU Winds unites Cornell University students who seek remarkable music making through the process of preparing and performing established and emerging wind repertoire in both large and chamber ensembles.